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From puppy classes up to advanced training

At Dog Training Adelaide we give reliable consistent results. Using an eclectic and balanced approach you can be sure that your dog will become an obedient and responsible member of your household and community.

With over 9 years experience and having taught countless owners and dogs we are positive that you and your dog will achieve the outcome that you require. We help you build a foundation of trust and understanding with your dog by teaching structure and leadership which is a pre-requisite to having a proper relationship which will hold you in good stead for many years to come.

We're passionate about helping clients improve their relationships with their dogs having theconfidence knowing their dog will do what they say when they say. Starting from our puppy classes we give the structure and the understanding so you can start your journey into having a responsible and behaved dog. Our puppy course has no set start time. As long as your puppy is over 10 weeks old it can join.
"Amidst the current (and politically correct) trend in Positive Reinforcement Only training systems, what protects and keeps viable our method? Results. Consistant, predictable, results.."

Puppy Course

The puppy training period is extremely important for the development of your dogs temperament. We are able to imprint specific behaviours and overcome any fears your dog may have towards people , other animals , and the environment.. Read more

Group Classes

Ranging from basic commands to advanced behaviours our Group Courses will have your dog performing to a standard that others will envy Read more

Dog Socialisation

We believe our socialisation classes are of the utmost importance for your dog. And more importantly THEY WORK. Just ask our clients that have brought us dogs that have aggression issues or just wont behave around other dogs or people. and now are behaved and calm. Ask our clients where their dogs would be if they hadnt come to us. Read more

Intensive Course

A no nonsense approach to training your dog. In six weeks your dog will be performing reliable stays in the drop stand and sit positions. And walking politely and obediently by your side Read more

A dog doesnt need to like dogs. But it needs to behave around them . Learn more...

Why choose us?

  • Consistent and Reliable Results
  • We dont discriminate on a type/breed of dog
  • We understamd dogs
  • What we do works
  • Close to 10 years experience
  • Just look at our dogs. They dont lie

Explore the endless possibilities

For over seven years Dog Training Adelaide has been changing the lives and relationships of people and dogs for the better. Realising that your dog needs your leadership is the first step. It needs boundaries and rules as we do. It needs consequences for its choices exactly the same as us.Once you and your dog understand this simple concept, his and your lives will become simpler and easier. Unlike most other dog training schools and most councils we don't accept that your dog is suitably trained if it can sit within three commands,stay for 20 seconds with you standing 2 metres away from it,sit calmly in the presence of a friendly calm dog for 20 seconds,drop within 3 commands or for that matter walk on a loose lead for 5 metres. We want your dog to automatically sit when you stop. It will walk attentively on a loose lead ALL the time. It will sit drop or stand on first command every time. In a perfect world all dogs would behave calmly around other dogs. Alas the world is not perfect as we nor dogs are.The most important time for your dog to behave responsibly is when it is distracted by other dogs be they unruly, playful or just down right obnoxious.
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